Managing the first hours and days

of a live incident or security threat

is critical.


With Highland House, you won´t be alone.

Our crisis experts will be ready to support you 24/7.

They'll help you assess the situation and advise on what to do next, helping you mitigate the damage and get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

Our crisis communications specialists, will help you deal with the media and protect your reputation through volatile, fast-moving events.

At Highland House, we help our clients design a tailored program that addresses

the wide range of exposures facing high net worth individuals and their families.


Why High Net Worth Individuals are at risk: 

• Economic growth in emerging markets with large income gaps .

• Possible reluctance to incur the related costs associated with personal protection. 

• High value possessions may increase visibility as a target .

• Young adults and children may be less cognizant of surrounding security concerns.

• Higher profile due to occupation (athletes, entertainers, celebrities, government officials).

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High net worth individuals and their families are naturally perceived as prime targets for

kidnappings, extortions, and illegal detentions.


While many cases go unpublicized, this risk is steadily increasing and must be addressed.


Not only will a kidnap and ransom policy with Highland House allow these individuals and

their families access to a team of uniquely qualified crisis response consultants,

it will also provide reassurance that one incident will not burden a family

with financial consequences years after it has occurred.

Standard Coverages

a policy can provide:


• Kidnap and ransom – including hijacking,

  virtual and express kidnapping 

• Extortion bodily injury & property

• Detention 

• Disappearance

• Assault

• Crisis Response Services




• Coverage tailored for individuals, families or groups 

• Personal financial losses due to inability to attend to

   financial matters 

• Salary reimbursement of a kidnapped or detained individual 

• Legal and medical fees 

• Threat assessment and temporary security protection 

• Cost to advertise and communicate for the release of the victim 

• Expenses to investigate an Insured Persons disappearance 

• Accidental death and dismemberment benefits 

• Child and infant abduction 

Crisis Response Services 

• Dedicated 24/7 Operations Center with direct access to security consultants and a team of analysts 

• Advice to clients, reports, assessments as well as a full complement of preventative solutions including education, training , table-top exercises, and simulations 

• Local third-party liaison and coordination, including law enforcement and government authorities 

• Travel risk management, intelligence and a global risk map via dedicated policyholder portal with detailed profiling of 180 countries and over 400 cities


Highland House is a specialty boutique brokerage agency with over 30 years' experience in the kidnap and ransom insurance market. We are well equipped to address the full range of exposures facing commercial and financial enterprises and individuals based in the U.S. and abroad. We work with both admitted and non-admitted carriers rated “AA (Very Strong)” by Fitch Ratings and “A+ (Superior)” by A.M. Best Company. 


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